Wedding Crasher

Weddings, birthdays and events in general are not my cup of tea. They are always chaotic and uncontrolled environments that are highly photographer unfriendly. You’ve only got one take to get it right.

_DSC2506However, once in a while I’ve been known to crash a wedding or two with camera in hand. As was the case last weekend where I was fortunate enough to be able to indulge myself at Kumara and Vaishinavi’s wedding engagement ceremony.

_DSC2180I’m glad I was not the main photographer as it was held at the bride’s home and there was as I had anticipated, little room to move freely to capture the proceedings of the day without tripping over invited guests or worse, getting in the way of the hired photographer who himself was having a difficult time moving around.

_DSC2263Huddled in a tight corner I did what I prefer to do, capture the event from a behind the scenes perspective. I’m often not interested in getting every single group shot or the required key frames that define the ceremony proper because you invariably end up with several hundred similar looking shots. The posed for camera images are not what I’m after.

_DSC2486I prefer images that show their candid sides and the scenes during a ceremony that you would ordinarily not see when you open up a typical photo album.

_DSC2301All in all I had a great time shooting and in exchange for crashing their event uninvited, I hope the few images I did shoot will find a place in an album they can look back on and remember that stranger who turned up with a camera.

A big thank you to the couple and their families for their hospitality and for allowing me to do this.


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