And The Story Goes….

I was flattered when Vijeeta requested that I be the one to take photos for her upcoming engagement about a year ago. A year, that’s right, she was confident I had the chops to get the job done and booked my time way in advance.

Not a wedding photographer by any yardstick, there were huge expectations to live up to. Events and ceremonies such as these are often difficult to manage and Murphy’s law suggests that you’re always in the wrong place at the right time and end up shooting the back of someone’s head instead.

I guess all things being equal, I knew what I was in for and I can only hope the images have a story to tell.

So here’s the story of Sujev & Vijeeta as I saw it unfold….

Frame 01: It all starts with a blinged out pair of shoes & a shimmering dress.


Frame 02: Behind the scenes, the powder room.


Frame 03: She’s going to make him wait and make him wait she did.


Frame 04: The grand entrance.


Frame 05: I thought I heard her say, “Where is he?” before she spotted her beau.


Frame 06: Mingling with relatives for those customary selfies and such.


Frame 07: My cheesy attempt at a garden portrait. But she looks radiant.


Frame 08: On bended knee, here comes the proposal.


Frame 09: She said “Yes” so let’s dance.


Frame 10: Together at last under the twinkling star lights.


Frame 11: And the beat goes on….


Frame 12: Let the light always shine on you both.


A befitting swansong for my photography work. Perhaps I’ll once again pick up my camera for some behind the scenes shots come September next year for the wedding.

The Roving Photographer
December 10, 2016


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