About Me

I’m Brij Dogra a.k.a ‘The Roving Photographer’. When I’m not out stalking people on the streets or shooting food with a real camera and my strobes, I’m a volunteer photojournalist with the MERCY Malaysia Media Team.

I’ve been known to pen a few words here and there but it’s my images that complete my sentences. I call it like I see it.

gpt-_dsc12771Thru The Viewfinder
Pho.dogra.phy, formerly known as Dogra Exposures, started in the hospitality industry providing clients with corporate branding photography. Our portfolio has since expanded to include an extensive collection of cuisine and food related photography work for hotel dining outlets and most recently fine-dining restaurants in the region.

Our clients include several internationally renowned Resort & Spa Hotels and restaurants in Peninsula Malaysia. We further diversified to include portraiture and live performance photography for local and international musicians and have experience in aerial property photography as well.

_DSC6860Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Spas
Our commercial work includes outdoor facades, landscapes and interior photography for hotels & resorts, health & wellness spas and fine dining restaurants.

Food & Beverage
We have an extensive portfolio of food and beverage photography for hotel dining outlets, local restaurants and fine dining establishments in the region.

Our portraits have received numerous awards on several international photography websites as well as curated for the prestigious Getty Images image bank in the US.

The Sounds I Saw
Our portfolio of live performance photography includes established local artists & musicians, internationally acclaimed bands as well as upcoming singers and songwriters. Some of our images have been used by the artist for their album, posters and promotional materials.

Several travel photos from our portfolio have been selected by curators for Yahoo’s Weather app for Android and iOS. My images have been published in travel and food and beverage related trade magazines, websites and local newspaper advertisements as well as appeared on billboards.

Weddings & Events
I don’t do Weddings or Events“. If I do happen to capture one of these, it’s purely as a matter of interest and to keep my shutter finger in shape.

Portraits _DSC0765Volunteer Work
In my personal capacity as a photojournalist, I’m a volunteer with the Media Team at MERCY Malaysia who were deployed to Kathmandu, Nepal during the April 2015 earthquake. I’m known as the “Roving Photographer“.

Bookings & Enquiries
Email: pho.dogra.phy@icloud.com