3 Sides of a Coin

Abedah Khartum, 75, arrived in Bangladesh fifteen years ago together with her now deceased husband and six children. Eking out a living one day at a time, she was initially hopeful that soon the day would come when she would return to her homeland in Myanmar. I can somewhat relate to her story as my…

Let the children play

Amidst the human migration and hardships of their displaced parents and extended families, the children at the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh emerge victorious. Too young to perhaps grasp the enormity of their situations, they adapt, assimilate and create a world tailored to their own needs.

The Candyman Cometh

Packing my bag before my flight out to the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, I kept having this nagging feeling something was missing. Tossing in those last minute items it suddenly came to me. I needed candy. Lots of it. I rushed off to the nearest supermarket and picked up as many packets as I…

Mission Nepal

“I don’t know how to ask you this but are you able to go with me to Nepal?” said the voice on the other end of the phone. It was the voice of none other than my good friend and mentor Harmandar Singh