And The Story Goes….

I was flattered when Vijeeta requested that I be the one to take photos for her upcoming engagement about a year ago. A year, that’s right, she was confident I had the chops to get the job done and booked my time way in advance. Advertisements

A Celebration of Cultures

When you live in a country with several cultures, there’s a tendency to take it’s diversity for granted. You only realise how rich and wonderful these cultures are when you take a step back and look within with an outsider’s eye. With a multitude of festivals celebrated by so many ethnic groups it’s the weddings and their…

It’s A Wrap!

2015 is panning out to be quite the wedding year. With another two more to go before the year ends, I’m rethinking my mantra that “I don’t do weddings”.

Wedding Crasher

Weddings, birthdays and events in general are not my cup of tea. They are always chaotic and uncontrolled environments that are highly photographer unfriendly. You’ve only got one take to get it right.